“Mad Max” Turkey


I’ve previously blogged about a simple turkey recipe (Herbes de Provence Turkey). This post will link readers to my absolute favorite turkey recipe – the “Mad Max” Turkey. My good friend, Max Rosen, whom I initially met on the original BGE Forum is well known by Eggheads who have participated on Forums, Facebook BGE pages and attended Egg Fests. He has developed this fantastic turkey recipe and openly shares it with fellow cooks around Thanksgiving every year (in the past he has actually posted his phone number (hotline) where we could call for help if we didn’t understand something). It is not a difficult recipe, but it has more details than the Herbes de Provence turkey, including steps for making a stock, cooking the turkey, and making an awesome gravy to go with it.

Important note: This recipe will easily work in the oven or in a gas or charcoal grill.

Since the recipe has resided for several years on “The Naked Whiz” blog, there’s really no reason for me to duplicate it here. Therefore I will provide a link to his site, which is loaded with well-respected resources including “classes and recipes”.  So click here and I hope you enjoy this turkey recipe as much as we do. The Naked Whiz’s Blog.

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