About Me

I am an anesthesiologist in Madison, MS who has been in private practice for 33 years. Like many men, I love to grill out and until about 2006, it was limited to grilling steaks, “charring” chicken and making burgers and hot dogs for the kids. Other passions include Ole Miss sports, photography, travel and cycling on my Greenspeed recumbent trike.

For Father’s Day in 2006 my awesome wife gave me a large Big Green Egg (BGE) and life changed as I knew it! Starting after a move to a new house in 2008, my outdoor cooking took on a new dimension. I became actively involved in the original BGE Forum (Greeneggers.com) as “Misippi Egger”, where I met many great cooks, many of whom are still friends today. I had an outdoor kitchen included when we added a screen porch and began to expand my Egg family. I currently own a large, small, Mini and the new MiniMax eggs.

I have attended the Georgia Mountain Eggfest and cooked at the Porkopolis (Cincinnati) Eggfest as well as at all three Gulf Coast Eggfests. I have given many demonstrations and taught classes at my local BGE dealer’s store. I am a KCBS Certified judge and have competed at KCBS events in the past.

More recently I have become interested in charcuterie – curing and aging meats (wet and dry aging) as well as the newer modality of sous vide cooking.

Many of my friends have suggested I author a cookbook, so I have decided instead to create this blog. I plan to include recipes, techniques, tips on Egg cooking, & accessories for the Egg, as well as discussions about curing & aging meat, cold smoking and sous vide cooking.

I hope you enjoy the blog. Comments and suggestions are encouraged!

Misippi Egger
(aka Clark Ethridge, MD)